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An Exclusive Preview of the HY3 Hybrid Inverter – Launching in November

--Published on August 31, 2020 / by Hoymiles Overseas Team

(The appearance of the product is still under adjustment, for reference only)

We’re delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the HY3 series later this year.

The HY3 Series is a high-performance three-phase hybrid inverter, rated from 5kW to 10kW. Unlike regular solar inverters, a hybrid like this doesn’t just convert DC power into AC energy, it also stores surplus solar energy in battery systems for later use, whether for scheduled operation or at night. This make it far more flexible, cost-effective and practical for home use. It’s also capable of acting as a backup power supply in the event of a grid outage.

High performance

The HY3 Series offers quicker charge and discharge capacities than competitive products, plus higher self-consumption of solar energy, along with excellent off-grid load capability.

It’s compatible with high voltage lithium battery systems ranging from 170 to 500 volts. The higher the battery voltage, the greater the inverter’s efficiency becomes, and it’s designed to excel with the larger battery systems that meet the growing demand for high system capacity.

The extra-fast battery charge/discharge current reaches up to 50A. This means it can give full play to most battery systems, especially those with lower voltage and large capacity. 

Superior heat control

For longer life, trouble-free operation and more effective performance, the HY3 Series is designed with no external fan. Instead, it uses a heat sink instead with a strong heat dissipation capability.

Even when running at full power in a hot environment, operating temperature is well controlled. In fact, it runs at a temperature of more than 10° centigrade less than typical competitors’ products, ensuring minimal risk of power derating or shutdown.


Smart and simple

The straightforward, compact design of the HY3 Series ensures it will fit neatly into any environment. It’s also easy to install and operate, with intuitive controls.  IP65 rating gives users the peace of mind that it’s protected against dust, dirt, damp or any other environmental challenges.

For convenience, it uses the same cloud-based monitoring platform as other Hoymiles products. This allows for remote operation, trouble-shooting and maintenance while improving user experience and reducing the cost of aftersales service.

Everything can be accessed and controlled remotely via our web portal or the Hoymiles APP. This features attractive, user-friendly interfaces, and provides full control of monitoring, settings, operation, and update functions.


Find out more now

If you would like to discuss how the HY3 series or other Hoymiles products and services can help you, we would love to hear from you, whether you’re a distributor, installer or potential end customer. For further details, please email sales@hoymiles.com.

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