Single-phase microinverters

Microinverters turn the power from your solar panels into usable electricity. Single-phase microinverters are usually used in residential and small commercial environments. With Hoymiles, get frustration-free, long-lasting performance with simple installation, premium quality and low failure rates.

Easy to install microinverters
to convert solar energy

1-in-1 microinverters
Lightweight, efficient and easy to install, a 1-in-1 microinverter takes and converts energy from a single solar panel.
Available in the following models:
2-in-1 microinverters
With a 2-in-1 microinverter, you can connect two solar panels, allowing you to output more power while streamlining your installation.
Available in the following models:
4-in-1 microinverters
For more demanding environments, our 4-in-1 microinverters support up to 4 panels at once, maximizing the power your installation can generate.
Available in the following models:

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Energy you can trust

Our microinverters are field-proven and guaranteed to perform from sunrise to sunset, year after year. That’s why they all come with a minimum 12-year warranty as standard, with options to extend right up to 25 years.

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