Data Transfer Units

A high-performing solar system is more than a source of energy. It’s a source of valuable insights, rich data, and the information you need to live sustainably. Our data transfer units are the bridge between your solar ecosystem and the rest of your life, bringing data together for easier management, faster troubleshooting and proactive support.

Put open data at the heart of your solar ecosystem

Available with WiFi or GPRS connectivity, DTU-Pro gives you the advantage of dependable monitoring and data storage for your entire installation. From consumption and load monitoring in S-Miles Cloud to an external antenna for stronger, more reliable communication, it’s our most comprehensive DTU and ideal for every kind of installation.
For powerful data capture in a convenient plug-and-play format, DTU-W100 uses WiFi to feed performance data to our user-friendly monitoring platform. Whether you’re monitoring consumption, changing settings or looking for potential performance issues, it’s all just a few taps away.
DTU-Lite 4G
One of the first units of its kind, DTU-Lite 4G gives you new levels of flexibility and stability. With fast 4G wireless and WiFi included as standard, you can optimize communication across your installation, even where your signal options are limited. All with the quick installation and great performance you’d expect from Hoymiles.

Backed by a 24-month warranty

At Hoymiles, we build quality into every product we provide. That’s why every one of our DTUs comes with a comprehensive 24-month warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

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