What is an inverter?

The process of converting Direct Current (DC) power to Alternating Current (AC) power for safe use is called inversion. The technology that makes this possible is an inverter.
Types of inverter
There are several types of inverter that you may encounter: central inverters, string inverters, distributed inverters and microinverters.
Central inverters
These are used in massive ground solar stations with output over 500kW.
String inverters
These are installed on each solar string (1-5kW) to provide Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which maximizes power production under all conditions.
Distributed inverters
These combine central inversion with distributed MPPT – like central inverters and string inverters combined.
Microinverters are installed directly on your solar panels, offering module-level tracking (on a per-panel basis). This means that power can be less than 1kW.

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