Jianxiong Shao
Chairman of Zhejiang Hangkai Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Hang Kai Holding Group, which possesses 3 listed companies, 6 high-tech companies, 156 patents, and has been undertaken several national science and technology projects, was once placed into a difficult position. And the chairman of Zhejiang Hangkai Holding Group Co., Ltd., is the one that brought this old state-owned enterprise back to life again!

In 2008, Shao Jianxiong led the Hang Kai Group to start its transformation and actively created an "innovation workshop." Through 7 years of practice and exploration, Hang Kai Group has formed the development path of “Innovation Workshop” for developing new industry companies.

He successfully incubated Grean Water, HangKai New Energy, Dewoshi Electric Technology, Hoymiles Power and Electronics, and Zede Pharmaceutical. At2014, the sales volume and profits of the incubating company exceeded the sum of the traditional industry companies of Hang Kai Group.

Mr. Yang Bo
Founder & General Manager

Doctor Yang is also the Associate Professor of Power Electronics at Zhejiang University. He has been engaged in the research and development of power electronics conversion technology and new energy power generation.

He has published many articles in international renowned journals and obtained a number of invention patents. And he was the key person of several provincial-level research projects. He has participated in the formulation of many industry standards such as National Standard "Safety Requirements for Inverters for Photovoltaic Systems" and "Technical Requirements for Micro-Inverters for Photovoltaic Systems".2nd Award - "2016 National Natural Science Award"

Liangzhong Zhang
Board Secretary & CFO

Master of Economics, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Agent, International Certified Internal Auditor, Senior Accountant.He used to be the department head of Tianjian Certified Public Accountants, Board Secretary and CFO of Dongfang Communication (600776), Sunyard (600571), and Zhongwei Electronics (300270), and the Executive Director of Zhejiang Internal Audit Association and the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Listed Companies Association CFO Committee.

He has published more than 10 articles in finance, accounting and auditing field.

Mr. Zhao Yi
Deputy General Manager & R&D Director

Dr. and postdoctoral fellow at Zhejiang University..He has rich experience in the development of photovoltaic inverters, and his research results have reached the national leading level and he has participated in several provincial or ministerial level projects.

More than 30 SCI/EI articles of his have been published (recruited), of which 12 were SCI-researched international authoritative journal papers. And 9 invention patents in China and 8 utility model patents.

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