Bigger than ever before-Hoymiles power in SNEC

--Published on June 05, 2018

  • As the largest photovoltaic exhibition in the world, SNEC has been working to provide a global platform in the fast-growing renewable energy market. The SNEC allows people to keep up with the latest news and information of the industry, including the important trends and hot issues.
  • In a move to further expand Hoymiles overseas market, from the 28th the 30th, from Hangzhou to Shanghai, Hoymiles presented another fabulous image in SNEC.
  • With the warming-up of Hoymiles training before the exhibition, careful arrangement and planning of booth and exhibition contents, including booth layout, exhibits arrangement, elaborate gifts, Hoymiles attracted the most attention of overseas customers in E5 hall.

The whole exhibition showed the climax of Hoymiles popularity over the past three days, with constant consultation and negotiation. Customers were also surrounded by Hoymiles hospitality and enthusiasm.

  • Taking this opportunity, Hoymiles demonstrated the strength of the company and its products. Besides further enhancing the customer relationship of old customers, Hoymiles also gave new overseas customers a fresh feeling, making the image of the world MLPE leader more deeply rooted in their minds.
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